I took some time off.

I’m in the process of trying to get body in better shape. The dressing I have talked about are all delicious.

I have felt some changes in my body.Yesterday I was up walking around more than I had in long time.

You have to have the want too to change you life for the better. I feel as it’s working and my oldest daughter is doing and we add her two children.Grandson seems to love it.Grandaughter 11 thinks this stupid.

But we want you to all know that we also invested in a dehydrator and going to start making our own healthy herb and spice. It should be here 9/6/19 .

Join us as we get healthier before your body trys shutting down like mine did.

Thanks,Bobby Dorries

Published by Bobby

I am 52 years old and trying to help people who are struggling like I am, so if you are tired of doctors who don't care or you are just tired of medications that don't work follow me. I will slowly add everything I have learned and only post what I know works. I will always try it before I share it, I want to help you get to where you are doing better, not help you waste more money.

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